Ballet Shoes & Leotard Online in Singapore

Looking for ballet apparel and slippers suitable for different ages and styles? Look no further than Decathlon Singapore as we offer a variety of different products that combine comfort, affordability and quality for your child’s dancing needs. Whether it is for a performance or practice, our skirts, shoes and leotards will be the perfect choice for your child to chase her dancing dreams.

Ballet Shoes

There are different types of ballet shoes depending on your proficiency and experience. For beginners, we recommend our full sole demi pointe shoes which are suitable for young children and beginners in ballet. Canvas demi pointe shoes are easier to clean and maintain, making them suitable for children while older students can consider leather ones. Once you've chosen your shoes, complete the purchase with our mutli-compartment dance shoe pouch!

Ballet Leotards

The most important component of a ballet outfit is the leotard. Ballet professionals believe the right leotard can bring out the best in your dance performance while the wrong one can adversely affect your technique and composure. Domyos offers different kinds of leotards at affordable prices and amazing quality. We carry short-sleeved, sleeveless and skirted leotards depending on your preference. Match it with a wrap-over to complete your daughter’s outfit. We also carry ballet tights and leg warmers to keep those legs warm during the ballet session.

Visit the nearest Decathlon Singapore store to take a look at our ballet apparel or order them online with our 2 hour delivery option. Otherwise, you can also opt for collection at the nearest Click & Collect store!

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