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Trail Running Shoes, Equipment & Accessories Online in Singapore

Are you keen on hiking and also happen to be a running enthusiast? You should try out trail running! Discover the joy of jogging on off-the-beaten-path trails and routes across Singapore or other destinations. Although the challenge may be greater, trail running brings about a different scenery and experience. At Decathlon Singapore, we have the right equipment to start your foray into trail running.

Things You Need for Trail Running

As you conquer off road terrain and traverse grass and soil, you need a reliable pair of footwear that helps shelter your feet from the outdoors. The best trail running shoes will fit your feet shape comfortably and adjust to your running route well. Take note of your feet and choose your trail running shoes accordingly. Be it wide, narrow or high arch, different shoes will fit you differently. Secondly, take note of the types of trails you will be encountering. Rocky trails will require thicker soles as compared to grassy trails.

Affordable Trail Running Shoes

At Decathlon, our shoes are affordable without any compromise on the comfort and technology of the highest level. Our collection caters to runners of different proficiency levels and preferences. We make sure customers who plan to conquer different terrain will have a product that meets their needs!

Accessories & Equipment

We also have running shorts with many compartments to store your cereal bars and hydration bags to be as autonomous as a camel, you can go on your trail with complete peace of mind! Don't forget your headlamps if you're running at night! 

Visit the nearest Decathlon store to try on a pair of our shoes and consult our Sport Leaders for the best recommendations! Alternatively, you can contact them online and make your purchase on our website. Opt for our fast and efficient 2 hour delivery or a time slot delivery.

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