Table Tennis

Table Tennis Bats, Equipment & Accessories 

Whether you call it table tennis or ping pong, this fast and furious bat and ball game is perfect for all ages and abilities. And now, thanks to our fantastic table tennis range, you can play at home, at work or wherever you have the space!

Decathlon has table tennis tables which are good for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in different price ranges as we aim to make sports accessible for the many! Still unwilling to fork out cash for an entire table tennis table? Check out our rollnet free table tennis sets! With these sets, you can play table tennis any time, anywhere ;)

Our table tennis bat includes those for indoor and outdoor usage as well. Depending on whether you play occasionally or whether you play professionally and need more control, we have the right table tennis bat for you! 

Complete your game with our ping pong balls which have a good bounce and are durable, making it the perfect choice for your table tennis matches :)

Do browse our accessories too if you’re looking for an extra wrist support. Remember to take care of your bat with our bat rubber cleaner spray and sponge too!

Decathlon’s extensive range of table tennis equipment will ensure you are ready for a quick game or tournament whenever the mood takes you. 

Still unsure about which table tennis table or bat you should get? Come down to the Decathlon stores to try them out for yourself! Or have you already decided on your purchase? Order now and collect for free in 2 hours! For orders over $60, enjoy free delivery at your preferred time slot!

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