Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics Equipment & Apparel Online in Singapore

Exercise in the water with comfortable apparel when you complete an aqua aerobics session. Compared to regular swimsuits, aqua aerobics equipment is more chlorine-resistant. From one-piece swimsuits to the bikini, you'll enjoy a wide range of products at Decathlon Singapore.

Aqua Aerobics - What is it and what are the benefits?

Essentially it is, exercise done vertically while immersed in water. No swimming is involved and exercises borrowed from zumba and yoga is incorporated into aqua aerobics. It is a form of cardio as exercises done in water does train your heart and stamina. Furthermore, you build strength as the water resistance activates muscle groups. This sport is suitable for elderly participants and those with injuries. The buoyancy in water helps to reduce impact on the joints.

Water Shoes & Booties

Practice exercises safely in the water using water shoes which can provide grip and protection! These water shoes can also be used for other sports like white water rafting, snorkelling and kayaking! The best part is that they keep out water and keep your feet warm.

Other Affordable Accessories

We also developed a variety of accessories, including socks, gloves and halters, to help you in your exercises whether you're training in a lap pool or taking part in a water aerobics class.

If you want to try out our products, head down to the nearest Decathlon store! Alternatively, you can shop online and make collection within 2 hours from the nearest Click & Collect store. You can also enjoy free time slot delivery when you spend above $60 online. 

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