Kids Bike Accessories

Kids' Front Bike Bag - Black Kids' Front Bike Bag - Black 2
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Kids' Front Bike Bag - Black

S$ 9.00
Designed for A clever, practical solution for having small belongings to hand.A practical bag that fits onto all types of handlebars, with easy access to your belongings while seated on the bike. Ideal for your keys, mobile phone, repair kit, etc.
Arctic Children's Bike Horn Arctic Children's Bike Horn 2
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Arctic Children's Bike Horn

S$ 6.00
Designed for We've designed this bike horn so that your young cyclist can have fun whilst learning to alert others to their presence!Our figurine bike horns are easy to use and add a fun touch to the bike. Available in various designs (matching the B'Twin 14-inch bikes), there's a style for every taste!
16_QUOTE_ Mudguards - Black 16_QUOTE_ Mudguards - Black 2
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16" Mudguards - Black

S$ 4.00
Designed for It's fun riding through puddles and mud! Our mudguards are compatible with 16" bikes to prevent your young cyclists from getting dirty.Spefically designed for our 16" bikes, our mudguards provide excellent coverage on both the front and rear tyres to provide maximum protection against splashes of mud and water.
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Doctogirl Children's Dome Bell

S$ 3.50
Designed for Designed for making your presence known to others. For children's bikes.A single press with the palm of the hand or fingers is all it takes to be heard! The dome shape encourages children to use it. Fits the B'Twin 16-inch bikes.

Kids Bike Accessories Online in Singapore

Shop for affordable and reliable bike accessories for kids bicycles with Decathlon Singapore. We have bike stabilisers, baskets, bells and more!

Spruce Up Your Child's Bicycle

Want to personalise your kid's bicycle? We have a bunch of items we think would look good and also provide extra functionality. For example, you can add a basket to the bike to increase storage space for their bag or water bottle. Also add in a bell for that extra safety when going to a public park or trail.

For beginners, we recommend getting the bike stabilisers which can be removed once your kid has gotten the hang of cycling on two wheels!

Sports Shopping for Kids Made Easy Online

Explore our catalogue from the comfort of your own home. Through Decathlon's website or app you can browse through our entire catalogue of sports products including kids cycling apparel. Checkout and opt for 2 hours delivery to your doorstep! If you prefer, come down to our stores across the island.

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