Folding Bikes

OneSecondClip Tilt Folding Bike Pannier Rack OneSecondClip Tilt Folding Bike Pannier Rack 2

OneSecondClip Tilt Folding Bike Pannier Rack

S$ 40.00
Designed for Easily carrying your belongings on the rear of your Tilt folding bike.This pannier rack is compatible and allows you to quickly and easily add the ONESECONDCLIP bag (pannier and top case). Please note: NOT compatible with baby seats & Tilt 500 XS 14"
Folding Bike Protection and Transport Cover Folding Bike Protection and Transport Cover 2
  • NEW


Folding Bike Protection and Transport Cover

S$ 20.00
Designed for Travel with ease, without bothering other riders on public transport or dirtying the boot of your car. Store your bike cleanly at home.This light, compact cover can be carried on your bike so that you can be agile and take your bike anywhere.
Flexible Folding Bike Basket - 10L Flexible Folding Bike Basket - 10L 2

Flexible Folding Bike Basket - 10L

S$ 15.00
Designed for Install or store this 10L pannier in the blink of an eye and easily carry your belongings on your folding bike.Travel light with this compactible pannier that detaches in 2 seconds, which makes it particularly useful on a folding bike! Attached to the front of your bike, you can easily access your belongings.
Stand for Tilt 20_QUOTE_ Wheel Folding Bike Stand for Tilt 20_QUOTE_ Wheel Folding Bike 2

Stand for Tilt 20" Wheel Folding Bike

S$ 15.00
Designed for Stabilising your folding bike with 20" wheels when stationary.Attach your stand to the rear left chainstay on the frame of your bike. The non-slip base provides greater stability.

Fabric handlebar bottle cage.

S$ 7.00
Designed for We designed this product for carrying a water bottle or can on the handlebars of your bike.This fabric handlebar bottle cage is practical and versatile. It can be attached to the handlebars or the stem and allows you to carry your water bottle, can, smartphone, keys, etc.

Buy Folding Bikes Online in Singapore

Folding bikes, also affectionately known as 'foldies' are an extremely popular type of bicycle in Singapore owing to their easily stored and transportable nature. Being compact, they are also a popular choice among smaller riders, ladies & children!

Switch between Modes and Travel Everywhere!

Did you know that folding bikes are allowed on public transport like buses and MRT trains? This makes them the perfect last-mile solution for riders that need to commute distances that are too far to cycle. Or perhaps you just lack space at home or the office and need a bike that you could stow away under your desk!

Affordable Bikes and Accessories

Decathlon has a dedicated team of product designers who have created our Tilt folding bike & accessories range to cater to your needs. Being cyclists themselves, they have thought up all kinds of useful accessories specific to folding bikes like a mini kickstand, rack or even folding bike cover!

Purchase your bike online on our online store and opt to have it delivered to your doorstep for free with our time slot delivery. You can now even choose our Click and Ride option, where you buy online and collect at one of our experience stores! Head down to the nearest Decathlon Singapore experience store to take a closer look at our folding bicycles!

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