Inline Skates

Looking for affordable inline skates in Singapore? Shop with us for wallet-friendly rollerblades if you want to try inline skating or rollerblading. You can also get helmets and pads with us too.

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MF500 Skating Skateboarding Scootering Helmet - Blue

$ 25.00
Designed for The Oxelo design team has developed this helmet to keep you comfy and safe on your skates, skateboard or scooter.When falling is all part and parcel of your sport, a helmet is more than just an accessory. A helmet for protecting your head during intense rides.
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Basic Kids' 3-Piece Skating Skateboarding Scooter Protective Gear -...

$ 12.00
Designed for Our team of roller skating fans has developed this set of roller skating pads. Your child can learn to skate comfortably and safely.Is your child just learning to skate? To help them safely find their feet on four wheels, we've come up with this set of elbow, knee and wrist protectors.
Inline Skate Wheel 76mm 82A Inline Skate Wheel 76mm 82A 2
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Inline Skate Wheel 76mm 82A

$ 6.90
Designed for Switch your wheels to versatile wheels. Relatively soft wheels of average diameter, for versatility and comfort.
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ABEC 5 Bearings 1 Pair

$ 1.50
Designed for Boost your performance or improve the glide quality of your skates, skateboard, or scooter, with these high quality bearings!

Inline Skates, Roller Blades & Ice Skates Online in Singapore

Thinking of rollerblading together as a family and wondering where you can buy roller blades in Singapore? Decathlon’s range of quality, affordable inline skates cater to both adults and children. We also boast a collection of other accessories needed to embark on your skating lifestyle.

Inline Skating as a Sport

Any exercise, workout or game that utilises inline skates is known as inline skating! Due to the versatility and maneuverability of the skates, this sport is accessible to many and has grown to have many niche disciplines. One example is the use of inline skates for road hockey. 

Affordable Inline Skates & Roller Blades

Inline skating has become more popular in Singapore recently and it's easy to see why. As a sport, it is thrilling and accessible for beginners. Our collection of skates is affordable to assure beginners that they can grab a quality pair without splurging on their new hobby. Even for competitive skaters, our inline skates match up in terms of features and comfort!

Roller Blading for All Ages and The Whole Family

As many parents will know, getting kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle can be tricky at times. But when you make exercise fun, it's much easier - enter our range of inline skates for kids. Our inline skates are packed with safety features to give you a peace of mind. They come with a hard shell which provides for good protection and ankle support. Some are even adjustable to up to 3 sizes which allows your child to use them for a longer time! Our products are also designed with comfort and optimal glide quality in mind.

Aside from inline skates, we also have some ice skates for those who prefer skating indoors and taking shelter from Singapore’s hot and humid weather!

Accessories & Parts - Helmets, Wheels & Kneepads

Safety is of utmost importance, especially for kids who are just starting out at this sport. Decathlon's helmets come in all sorts of colours and sizes to accommodate skaters of all ages. They are adjustable to give you a better fit regardless of your face shape. They are also engineered to be lightweight and provide ventilation to ensure that you are able to skate comfortably!

Beginners are recommended to protect themselves with our elbow and knee pads to avoid any injuries while rollerblading. More adventurous users can get our cones to challenge themselves a bit further as well!

Still unsure about which roller blade or helmet you should get? Come down to our stores to try them out for yourself! Or have you already decided on your purchase? Order now and collect for free in 2 hours at our Click & Collect stores! For orders over $60, enjoy free delivery at your preferred time slot.

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