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Billiard Cues

Discovery 300 American Pool Cue, 1-Part - 122 cm (48")

S$ 15.00
Designed for Our team of enthusiasts recommends this pool cue for discovering pool and starting out, even at home!Are you looking for a cue for learning to play pool? With its short length, we recommend a manoeuvrable and versatile cue for your great debut.

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Billiard Accessories

Pool Cue Tips 13 mm - 4-Pack

S$ 1.00 S$ 1.90
Designed for Our team of enthusiasts recommends this pack for replacing the tip of your American pool cue.Is it time to change the tip of your American pool cue? We recommend this pack of 4 tips with a 13 mm diameter to glue on and maintain your pool cue.

Pool & Billiard Cue Sticks Online in Singapore

Our range of billiard, snooker and pool accessories will satisfy weekend pub players and home games room owners alike.

What's The Difference Between American & English Pool

There are two versions of pool, mainly American and English Pool. There are a differences between the pool table in both versions. American Pool tables are larger and are more commonly used in Singapore

Due to the larger size of the table, American pool balls are larger compared to English pool. In addition, the two tables use different types of cloth for the playing surface. For the American version, the cloth is smoother, which makes the ball travel faster. The cloth on an English Pool table generates more friction in comparison.

Affordable Cue Sticks

You won't break the bank with our cue sticks which maintain quality at competitive prices. Perfect for beginners, our sticks are fashioned from solid hardwood which prevent them from being warped or easily bent. We also have a smaller version of cuesticks perfect for indoor use at home.

We also have other accessories like chalk, back-up cue tips, and carry cases for leisure and serious players alike. Head down to the nearest Decathlon Singapore store to check out our products or alternatively, purchase them conveniently online on our website. Opt for 2 hour delivery to your doorstep, timeslot delivery or collect from our Click & Collect stores!

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