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Thinking about where to get some affordable hiking or trekking shoes? Look no further! Get ready to conquer the world with Decathlon’s affordable hiking and trekking shoes, gear and equipment
Whether you are going for a day hike or embarking on a great adventure, we offer durable and quality hiking gear for all conditions! 

Going hiking in a hot & humid environment?
Don’t worry! We have breathable, quick-drying hiking t-shirts 
and shorts perfect for the weather! And of course, don’t forget your waterproof hiking boots, and raincoats for when the weather gets bad! Decathlon's hiking clothes provide you with a good amount of breath-ability, allowing for a comfortable hike.

Stay comfortable and warm with our quality base layers
down jackets and gloves - perfect for when you’re hiking somewhere a little higher and a little cooler ;) Decathlon provides a variety of hiking and trekking pants to suit the various needs that different hikers may have. Features include being waterproof, modular, lightweight and breathable!

Just pack in a lightweight sleeping bag 
or a tent in your durable hiking bagpacks, and you’re all ready for the greatest adventure ever!

Hiking can be challenging with the uneven surfaces and slippery paths. Walking for long periods of time may also bring discomfort to your feet. But fret not as Decathlon’s hiking and trekking shoes provide for a comfortable journey with its cushioning and toe protection. Our hiking boots also have cross contact soles which give an excellent traction and grip when you venture into various forms of terrains, no matter rain or shine!

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned hiker, or if you have just started on your hiking journey. We have products for you no matter your level of expertise. If you need some inspiration on where to go for your next hike or expedition, check out our hiking and trekking sports advice where we share our top 7 hiking trails in Asia. Looking for places to hike in Singapore? Our hiking sports leaders share their 6 secret places to hike at in Singapore! If hiking is new to you, our beginner’s guide to hiking will provide you with some hiking basics to prepare you for your first hike! Hiking gear in Singapore might not always be cheap and if you're just starting out, we understand that you might not be willing to fork out a huge sum of money for hiking gear. Decathlon Singapore aims to make sports accessible to the many, and this includes carrying hiking gear of various pricing!

Still unsure about which hiking boots or hiking equipment would suit your hiking needs? Come down to the Decathlon stores to try them out for yourself! Or have you already decided on your purchase? Order now and collect for free in 2 hours! For orders over $60, enjoy free delivery at your preferred time slot! Scale to greater heights with Decathlon's hiking & trekking gear!

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