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Your little ones can also join the family's active lifestyle! Kids and children are encouraged to have some physical activity to help improve their fitness and health. At Decathlon, we cater for kids from the age of 12 months! From shoes to apparel, to trampolines and equipment, we have everything your child needs to stay active!

Our toddler shoes are designed to help your toddlers learn to walk. The soles of these shoes are flexible and also have good grip to encourage your toddler to take those little steps. As your child grows, they are going to get more active. Therefore, at Decathlon, we designed our kids’ shoes to ensure breathability and flexibility. We should not deter our little ones from having fun!

Gym for Children

'Gymming' for kids is not deadlifts or running on the treadmill but rather just simple physical activity for the young ones to join in the fun and learn.

Children can also 'gym' with equipment such as skipping ropes, trampolines, hula hoops and gymnastics balls. Of course any physical activity should be done under parental supervision to maintain safety.

You can shop for your children at your nearest store, where there are many products for different sports and ages. If you want, you can also shop on our website and deliver your items to your doorstep!

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