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Discovery kit blue discovering the world of water Discovery kit blue discovering the world of water 2
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Discovery kit blue discovering the world of water

S$ 17.00
Designed for children seeking to explore and learn about the living creatures in the sea and freshwater (small fish, crabs, shellfish, etc.).This kit allows children to easily catch small fish near the seashore and observe them with a transparent bucket.

Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackles & Equipment Online in Singapore

Fishing enthusiasts know that the equipment plays a very important role in determining the success of your catch. The better your equipment, the higher chance you have of catching your target. At Decathlon Singapore, we have the best equipment for the best prices!

Powerful, Sensitive & Affordable Fishing Rods

Rods are the most important instruments in fishing. Without a rod, it's almost impossible to catch fish efficiently. Here, we have the best selection of rods to cater to different styles and preferences of fishing enthusiasts across Singapore. For example, we have rods for those who set up from shore and also for those who fish out at sea from a boat. Our rods are designed to both have power and sensitivity to catch your target. You would no longer miss an opportunity to reel in your catch.

At Decathlon, we believe that no sport, including fishing, should be too costly to enjoy. Our rods are set at affordable prices to give you the best value for money. Don't let the price tag fool you because our products are made of high quality materials and are designed to be durable.

Your Favourite Fishing Shop in Singapore

You can now purchase fishing equipment easily either online or physically with Decathlon. We have stores across the island which you can visit or you can shop conveniently online on our website. We have all kinds of fishing accessories and equipment like reels, tackles, lines and lures. No matter the catch, we're sure we have the perfect complements for your fishing rod. You never have to wonder again where you can buy reasonably priced quality fishing equipment in Singapore ever again!

Take a closer look at our collection of items by coming down to our stores! Alternatively, shop online and have your items delivered to your doorstep within 2 hours! 

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