Dual Ant+/Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor Strap Dual Ant+/Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor Strap 2

Dual Ant+/Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor Strap

S$ 50.00
Designed for Your heart rate on your smartphone and/or GPS watch.

Kalenji Running Shoes, Apparel and Accessories

Is feeling good, freeing your mind and staying fit your motivations? Then you're a jogger for sure!

Jogging is accessible to all, as long as you want to run for your well-being. Our objective is to help you find your own pace to be able to enjoy the benefits of running and be proud to be a jogger! No doubt, you’ll love our colorful, comfortable and breathable apparels and accessories. Light and comfortable running shoes, phone pouches or headbands, we want you to enjoy the running experience!

If running, for you, means training and getting ready to reach your target on the race day, no doubt, you are a road runner! With our highly breathable T-shirts, quick-drying shorts, and running accessories for your marathon races, you’ll be fully geared up to proudly cross the finish line :-)

At Decathlon Singapore, we aim at making sports accessible to the many. So, whether you're a jogger or a runner, just starting out or running competitively, we have the running gear for you! If you are new to running and looking for some help, be sure to browse through our running sports advice! Whether you need help figuring out how to make running a part of your lifestyle, or whether you are looking for scenic places to do your runs at, we have a tip or two for you! We understand that runners of various expertise have different willingness to spend on running shoes. So if you're just starting out and you need a good pair of running shoes without breaking the bank, Decathlon's running store has cheap and affordable running shoes for you! Though they are affordable, they do not compromise on quality. So you can be assured that you're getting a bang for your buck when you purchase your running gear from Decathlon's running brand - Kalenji ;)

Still unsure about which running gear would suit your running style? Or still thinking about where you can buy some quality running shoes? Come down to the Decathlon stores to try them out for yourself! Or have you already decided on your purchase? Order now and collect for free in 2 hours or enjoy free delivery at your preferred time slot for orders over $60! Ready, steady, go!

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