Fitness & Nordic Walking

Walkers: This is for You!

Do you walk for the pleasure of doing exercise or to improve your performance? Do you prefer to walk alone or with a group, with or without poles? Whichever you are, come discover different types of walking with Decathlon!

Fitness walking: With or without a specific objective, what's important for you, it's to be outdoors where you do some exercise and empty your mind. You're walking to feel good, stay fit, burn calories and you prefer to be hands-free (no walking sticks for you!).

Nordic walking: Whether you're walking at a moderate speed or at a pretty intense pace, you would never walk without your dear walking poles! This complete sport allows you to feel good. Nordic walking is definitely your sport.

From light and comfortable walking shoes, anti-chaffing socks, walking poles for enhanced propulsion, GPS watches, sunglasses and connected scales, discover our innovative equipment catering both occasional and regular walkers needs. 

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