How to Choose
Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Discover our great range of goalkeeper gloves designed for you to make that crucial save of the game. We have a range of goalkeeper gloves and apparel for both kids and adults.
Goalkeeper gloves are an essential component of every goalkeeper’s equipment kit. They provide better grip on the ball, improve stability during the game and most importantly, provide optimum protection for your hands.

With an assortment of goalkeeping gloves to choose from, here’s a simple guide to determine which gloves are the best for you.
kids with goal keeper gloves for regular training

By Skill Level

If you play occasionally on a casual basis or leisurely with friends at the local street soccer court, you should look for a durable pair of gloves, preferably made of durable foam and synthetic latex. For this we recommend the First model goalkeeper gloves.

Outfit your kid with a pair of First model goalkeeping gloves before letting him or her take to the field.

This pair of First model goalkeeper gloves for kids is coated in synthetic latex, which wears slower when diving. 

For teens and adults, we recommend the F100 Adult Goalkeeper Gloves which combine a latex palm and a rip-tab fastening strap. 

For Regular Training

If you train regularly for a semi-professional Singapore football club, you will definitely need a pair of gloves that provides good support as well as a pair that does not wear out easily.

Ideally, the gloves should come with durable velcro straps (fastened at the wrist) and elasticated wrists.

This type of gloves is also better adapted to your hand shape, where a preformed latex palm will allow your hand to fit snugly into your gloves. It will also help you catch the ball more easily.

The F100 and F500 models feature all these benefits combined into one. (For kids, check out the F100 and F500 models.)
w to choose your goalkeeper gloves
Ease and comfort comes atop the list, where your palm or fingers should not be bursting out from the seams. Leave about half an inch between your finger tip and the end of the glove. This space takes the stress off the stitching and the rubber piece, allowing durability.
goal keeper gloves for competitive play

For Competitive Play

If you play competitive football for a club at an intensive level, you should go for a pair of goalkeeping gloves with the best possible palm grip to ensure sufficient ball grip. Look for materials related to having supersoft latex with comfort foam.

Our F900 Finger Protect gloves feature double Velcro fastening for optimal support as well as EU compliant finger locking to protect against impact.

The Finger Protect feature is essential for protection against hard shots, with protection namely for the thumb and fingers.

Block, catch and punch the ball with ease with our goalkeeper gloves designed for a comfortable and intensive playing experience on the field.

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