5 Kid-Friendly Hiking Spots in Singapore

Looking to engage in kid-friendly activities this June holidays?
Here are 5 kid-friendly hiking trails in Singapore.

Gear up for a family hike! :)

#1: Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges trail, spanning 10km, is perfect for families with young children as it is pram-friendly.

Apart from the trail’s extensive connection to Mount Faber, HortPark and Labrador Nature Reserve, little ones are exposed to the flora and fauna in Singapore, allowing them to learn more about Singapore's nature.

This trail also has toilet facilities along the way, for everyone’s convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids and their shoes (… or a pram if you need one) and get to the Southern Ridges! :)

Nearest MRT Stations: Harbourfront MRT & Labrador Park MRT

#2: Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

Perfect for animal lovers or curious children, the Dairy Farm trail starts from the Wallace Education Centre (WEC).

Families at the WEC can learn about the history of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Hill as well as learn about nature!

Once a cowshed, the WEC retains the authentic architecture giving children and families a genuine experience of being on a farm. This 1km pathed trail will go easy on little feet and expose children to nature! :)

Nearest MRT Station: Hillview MRT

#3: Coney Island

This hidden gem is perfect for families! Newly opened in 2015, Coney Island introduces a 2.4km trail which can be completed either by cycling or on foot, and is accessible via Punggol.

The island also boasts a beach to relax on, a playground that has been built by trees and a boardwalk! This trail is absolutely perfect for families wanting a day of exploration. :)

Nearest MRT Station: Punggol MRT

#4: Tampines Eco Green

Nestled in the corner of the urban and populated Tampines, this Eco Park boasts a forested area that has plenty of flora and fauna to explore!

Perfect for families, this park solely allows individuals to walk to let the little ones experience nature in its true authentic form. This park is fairly quiet and easy to navigate! :)

Nearest MRT Station: Tampines MRT/ Tampines East MRT

#5: Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is one of Singapore’s famous untouched islands and it is the perfect place to bring the little ones to! Escape from Singapore’s hustle and bustle and go back in time with the island’s rustic feel.

There are plenty of flora and fauna to explore alongside Ubin’s local vertebrates.

To explore Ubin, you can cycle, take a private van or hike! Hiking allows you and your family to experience Ubin in its authentic form! You can either do a DIY trail for yourself and your family or partake in NParks tours. :)

Nearest MRT Station: Tampines / Tampines East MRT (Switch to a bus to take you to Changi Ferry Terminal.)
To prepare for your hike with your family, you can check out our Top 10 Hiking Essentials. Gear up well for this June! :)

Happy Hiking! :)

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