8 Reasons
Why You Should Start Hiking in 2019

Need a push from someone to encourage you to start hiking? How about me! Check out this article as to why you should make hiking part of your 2019 resolution. :)

Happy Hiking! :)

The popularity of hiking has been on the rise for the past few years. It has evolved to become a hobby for many and some spend weekends exploring new trails! However, some may not see the benefits of hiking and may deem it to be just another social activity, and that person might be you.

There are only 6 months remaining in 2019, and hiking can be that one activity that completes your year.

Let me try to change your mind and convince you why you should add hiking to your remaining bucket list for 2019! :)
hiking with kids

#1: Affordable

Hiking does not require extensive equipment as it lasts between 2 to 8 hours, and you would only need your essentials as well as your MRT card, that’s all!

In Singapore, there are multiple hiking trails, such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Changi Boardwalk or East Coast Park, which you can explore over weekends or simply start from your neighbourhood!

All you need are your clothes, shoes, a backpack to contain your essentials, your MRT card and yourself! You can check out 6 Secret Places To Hike In Singapore for your first hike, or simply follow the park connectors in your neighbourhood! :)

#2: Healthy

Hiking has been proven to have great health benefits!

From keeping you fit, to improving your cardiovascular health, it provides positive benefits. It is essentially a physical activity that we can engage in.

Additionally, hiking can also improve your stamina over time and develop your muscles.

A little known fact is that hiking actually develops your muscles all over! As you hike in forested areas and rocky trails, you may be required to use your upper body and core to provide you with support while you hike!

There are multiple health benefits of hiking, your fitness level is just the tip of the iceberg. :)

#3: Frees Your Mind and Reduces Stress

hiking helps to de-stress

Going for a hike reduces ‘rumination’, a term used by psychologists, which refers to the repetitive negative thoughts that individuals have about themselves.

A hike behaves as a distraction to such thoughts as you’re within nature and amongst lush greenery! Studies have shown that being in nature allows you to combat stress, and when you hike, endorphins are released! Endorphins are natural painkillers, and by the end of a hike, you will have a sense of euphoria! In other words, hiking has been proven to improve our mental health. :)

#4: Reconnect With Yourself or Your Loved Ones

hikers reconnecting with each other in nature

Hiking allows you to reconnect with yourself, and connect with those around you. By hiking, you witness your personal limitations and learn more about the way you react to things around you.

At the end of the hike, you will definitely witness how your body reacts, how you feel about completing the trail, and start noticing how you question yourself during the hike.

If you’re hiking with relatives and/or friends, hiking will give you a chance to reconnect with them! Away from the bustling city and schedules, hiking will be the perfect opportunity to catch up with your loved ones, spend some time with them. Additionally, you can catch a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset with them, enjoy the beauty of nature together! :)

#5: Hiking is for all!

There is no minimum and maximum age for hiking! Hiking is not exclusive to any ages and includes young children to the elderly!

For safety purposes, it is strongly encouraged to ensure the elderly and young children are brought to less technical and less steep grounds for a hike!

Each hiking trail has its own characteristics and even if you’re walking through a flat ground through nature, completing it with your loved one should be the main goal.

#6: Hiking Shows You The Best Of The Outdoors

hikers admiring the view outdoors

Every road leads to a different sight, every hill has a charm of its own and every trail brings about a different satisfaction. All hiking routes are unique in their own ways and expose you to different environments of the outdoors, which cannot be experienced in a concrete jungle.

Hiking routes have their own distinct characteristics. For example, the views you experience at Puaka Hill, Pulau Ubin, is going to be vastly different from the Hort Park trail! Apart from the views, the plants and trees you pass along the trail will also be different!

It’s time to explore the outdoors, get your hiking shoes, clothes and backpack and start hiking!

#7: Personal Accomplishments

hikers photographing their achievement

Without a doubt, hiking always provides you with a sense of personal accomplishment. Be it a short trail or hiking up a mountain for the day, the personal gain that you experience is one of pure euphoria. You are able to witness your personal potential during every trail which allows you to feel happy even after the hike is over.

The memory of completing the trail will always be held close to you as accomplishments are often difficult to forget! :)

#8: 2 More Long Weekends in 2019!

long weekends where you can go on hikes

The 2 remaining long weekends of 2019 is the perfect time to get started on hiking and ensure you have sufficient rest after!

You can always enjoy the festivities and make it more memorable by going for your first hike. :)

Gather your family, friends and loved one, participate in this sport together. Who knows? All of you could be each other’s hiking kakis! :)
Having a hiking buddy is the best way to get into the sport. A support system is always great as you have added motivation!

Need to convince others to start this outdoor activity with you? Share this article with them to do so. :)

Don’t forget to pack your ten essentials before you head for your first hike. Always be prepared for rain, shine or simply being thirsty along the way. So what are you waiting for? Go on and start hiking! :)
What are you waiting for? Start your hiking shopping and get to the nearest trail! :)

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