How to Choose The Best Ski Jacket?

Hardshells, insulated shells, down jackets...
With so many types of ski jackets out there, how do you make sure you're buying the best one for yourself?

Avoid making common mistakes & check out our expert tips on buying the best ski jacket for yourself! :)
Choosing the right jacket for the right environment is essential to keeping you comfy and warm on your ski trips. But of course, just wearing a single ski jacket without any proper layering underneath will not keep you warm!

If you’re new to the layering game, check out how you should layer effectively for the winter here!
There are a few types of ski jackets available out there:
1. Hardshell Jackets
2. Insulated Jackets
3. Softshells

When buying your ski jacket, it’s important to know the different features for each type so you can buy one that suits you best! This way, you can make sure you’re always comfortable on your ski trips :)

1. Hardshell Jackets

These uninsulated jackets are waterproof to prevent any snow or water from getting in, and getting you cold! If you’re planning to go skiing in snowy weathers, then you should definitely pay attention to the waterproof rating of the jacket. The higher the waterproof rating, the better it is for keeping the rain and snow out.

To make sure your jacket is waterproof, you should also look out for the jacket’s seam taping! This will make sure that moisture will not leak in through the seams. Depending on your budget and the environment you will be skiing in, there are some jackets that only have the critical areas taped up (areas that are more exposed), while others offer fully taped seams.

Another feature of hardshell jackets you should look out for are its ventilation zips. These zips allow for breathability and they help to ensure you won’t overheat when you’re doing some serious skiing!

2. Insulated Jackets

If you’re planning to ski in really cold conditions, then consider an insulated jacket. This jacket comes with an outer layer, and is built in with its own insulation layer. Of course, this would mean that these insulated jackets would be heavier to carry.

If you’re worried about the weight but still want warmth – some ski jackets also come with a varying amount of insulation. This means that there is more insulation in the body area and a lighter insulation in the sleeves of the jacket, making the jacket lighter, but still warm! :)

Synthetic Insulation Ski Jackets vs. Down Ski Jackets
If you’re going skiing, find a jacket with synthetic insulation! Synthetic insulation is much more affordable than down jackets, and they will keep you warm even in wet conditions. While down ski jackets are lightweight and warm, they are not ideal for skiing conditions. Once they get wet, they will lose their insulating properties and make you very cold if you fall!

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3. Softshell Jackets

The main feature of these softshell jackets is that they are stretchy, but yet still have waterproof properties. While they are usually less wind and water resistant than hardshell jackets, the upside is its breathability. This means that your body sweat will evaporate quickly, keeping you dry throughout your activity. These also offer you greater freedom of movement with its stretchy fabric!

If you’re going skiing in a weather that is not too cold, you may want to consider this! :)

One last tip before we go...

It’s always important to dress accordingly based on your activity level on your trip. The more active you are, the more important breathability is in your winter gear because you want your sweat to dry up as quickly as possible. If you think you’re not going to be getting much action time, then insulation would be a more important factor for you.

Once you’ve figured out the type of ski holiday you’ll be having, it’ll be much easier to choose the best ski jacket for yourself. Have fun! :)

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