Top 10 Hiking Essentials
For A Hike

When I first started going for day hikes, I would be a victim of over packing unnecessary items while being underwhelmed by hiking essentials. To save you from the struggle I have experienced, here’s my top 10 hiking essentials for a hike!

Happy Hiking! :)

#1: Hiking Backpack

The size of your backpack depends on the duration of your hiking trip and the essentials you are bringing along.

Decathlon provides a wide range of bags depending on your preferences and necessities.

Head down to your nearest stores to check out the wide selection and seek advice from our Sports Leaders on the ground or start your backpack hunting right now!:)

#2: Hiking Clothes

Whenever you are preparing for a hike, it is important to be equipped with clothes necessary for weather conditions. The temperature of the location may seem bearable to you, however, you have to take into consideration the presence of other factors such as wind, rain and humidity, which can alter your clothing choices!

Cold, Wet & Windy Conditions
In order to equip yourself during cold, wet, and windy conditions, it is important to be aware of layering clothes! Check out our article on layering in cold weather.

Humid Conditions
In humid conditions, you should look out for three main factors when choosing clothes,

1. Quick Drying
2. Odour Control
3. Material that does not stick to the body.

Here at Decathlon, our product designers have created products that can do all! Our hiking shirts are made from polyester, mixed with polyamide to facilitate abrasion resistance.
In addition, polyester shirts are quick drying! :) Alternatively, you can check out our new range of merino wool shirts which evacuates perspiration and control odour.

Additionally, Decathlon has developed a 2-in-1 trousers that has been designed for avid hikers to save the hassle of changing in between shorts and trousers during the hike and this has made packing much easier! Want to bring a pair of shorts and trousers along, but lack the space? Our 2-in-1 trousers is the solution! :)

Drop by one of our stores close to you, and ask our experts on the ground for their advice on what hiking wear you should purchase for your upcoming hike! :)

#3: Hiking Shoes

A common question that many hikers think about is “What hiking shoes should I buy?” This is a great question!
Being equipped with the right shoes is important as your feet will be carrying you through the hiking trail! When choosing your perfect hiking shoes, there are three factors that you should consider,

a. The Terrain
b. Comfort for your Feet
c. Weather Conditions

For a more technical terrain, you would need a pair of shoes that is able to withstand the rocky path and provide you with security while being comfortable. Mid or high cut boots are strongly recommended as it will provide support to hikers’ ankles!

For a less technical terrain, you should find a pair of shoes that are able to provide you with comfort while walking and great traction to avoid slipping while hiking!

Check out the Decathlon hiking shoe range!

#4: Food

Hikers can opt for isothermal food boxes, such as the ones from Quechua to bring your meals along.

Food boxes are able to keep your food warm while hiking so that you can enjoy a nice hot meal of your choice during your break!

Alternatively, if your hike is expected to last for only a few hours, you can opt for nutritional bars and snacks to reduce the additional weight of food boxes (please remember dispose your waste after the hike in trash cans, and not during the hike! :)

#5: Water Bottle

Having a water bottle is the most essential item that every hiker should have. Carrying a bottle or water bladder depends on your personal preference as well as the type of backpack you will be carrying!

You can shop hiking bottles and water bladders with Decathlon or simply head down to our stores to choose what best suits you! :)

One little suggestion: carry a bigger bottle so you will always have extra water with you. :)

#6: Sun protection

Although some environments may not expose you to direct sunlight, you should be well-prepared with sun/UV protection. Remember to bring along some sun screen, a cap and a pair of sunglasses!

#7: Emergency Shelter

Bringing along an emergency shelter, like a poncho, is a good practice as weather conditions can bring about rain at any time.

Ponchos are more suitable due to its nature, being lightweight and easy to pack! You can purchase reusable ponchos to reduce plastic wastage from Decathlon.

#8: Navigating Tools

During a hike, it is very important to always know your location just in case of emergencies that would require help or evacuation such as in the instance of sustaining injuries, harsh weather conditions or simply being lost due to derailment while on the trail.

If you are planning to use your mobile devices for navigation, it is important to carry along a portable charger or solar panel which can be purchased from Decathlon! :)

Alternatively, if you are familiar with maps and compasses, carry on using them! You can utilise our map holder and compasses to guide you during your hike!

Always remember to remain on the marked trail during a hike to ensure safety for everyone! :)

#9: Head Lamps

Although headlamps are more essential to hiking trips that last for more than a day, it is a good practice for hikers to always carry one, just in case.

Headlamps are especially important if night falls and you still need to find their way through the trails safely. In addition, headlamps can serve as a tool to attract help towards you if you’re in need! :)

#10: First-Aid

You should always be prepared to provide first-aid to yourself or even your fellow hikers. Thus, having a first aid kit is really important!

First-aid bags can include basic necessities such as plasters, bandage, alcohol swabs, gauze dressings, rash cream and some prescribed medication in case of allergies or a fever. Always better to be safe than sorry!
What are you waiting for? Start your hiking shopping now! :)

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