7 Reasons to join
Decathlon x GetActive

Are you still hesitating to join the first ever Decathlon race?
You’re a beginner, never run a race before and you feel that you’re not ready for such a distance?
Or you’re more a racer and you consider that 7km is just “too short” for you?
Because the more the merrier, let us prove you that you just can’t miss this first ever Decathlon race!

1. You will be cheered up with our passionate & sporty teammates

At Decathlon, we believe in team spirit. We want to be by your side and cheer you up throughout the race so you can give the best of yourself and feel the great vibes. Be assured, whether you are running a race for the first time or you are targeting to beat your personal best, you’ll definitely be applauded as champions when crossing the finish line! Stronger together, don’t you agree?

2. You can run by team of two

When registering you have two options, “solo” or “by pair”. We encourage you to find a running buddy and sign up for the pair category. There is not much difference with the solo category since you get the exact same race pack....The only difference is that you’ll have to cross the finish line together! You will motivate each other during the race, push your buddy’s limits and get memorable souvenirs forever! So, do you have someone in mind for this running challenge? Your partner? Your best friend? A colleague? Your son? Your auntie? Invite them and dare them to take up this sporty challenge together!

3. You will enjoy a very generous race kit

Have you seen our race kit? We combined all together our most popular products for you to enjoy even more on D-day! You will receive a Quechua backpack, a Nabaji towel, a Kalenji t-shirt and Aptonia yummy cereal bar.

4. You will race on an unusual distance

You might be wondering why we don’t offer a 5km or a 10km standard distance race. When we first planned out, we had one key goal in mind: make this race accessible to the many. In order to cater both beginners and intermediate runners, we consider than 7km is a great compromise for everyone to set up their own objectives. First-time racers can see it as a great but accessible challenge while experienced racers can take it as an opportunity to beat their personal best on a new distance!

5. You will not only enjoy a race but also a sports festival

Let’s celebrate sport all together! We aim to engage and bring a sense of togetherness amongst all like-minded Singaporeans who share the passion of sports during this essential period of National Day Week. We are glad to partner with GetActive to offer you a unique sports festival after your race. It’s a unique opportunity for you to discover lesser-known sports and connect with sports lovers. Of course, it’s free!

6. You have access to training programs for free

Part of our ambition to make sports accessible to the many, we also wish to provide all participants with some tips and training sessions. We are also very excited to partner with ActiveHealth. Together, we came up with all the preparation events.
Click here to access the list of the events to get yourself ready!

Have you ever dreamt of a coach at your fingertips? Your dream comes true with Decathlon coach. It’s time to download Decathlon Coach app (Android / Apple), our free app for you to access almost tailor-made training program but also track your sports activities!

7. You can collect your race kit at your preferred Decathlon store

Making a race accessible to the many also involves a convenient race pack collection. That’s why, once you paid your race tickets, we invite you to select your preferred Decathlon experience stores to collect your race pack inclusive of your Quechua backpack, Nabaiji towel, Kalenji shirts, Aptonia bar and also your timing chip and race BIB. Our teammates in Bedok, Joo-Koon, City Square Mall & Singapore Lab are excited to meet you in person at the end of July.

Join us!

If you’re already registered, we can feel that you’re even more motivated! If you were still hesitating, we hope that you now make up your mind and are ready to sign up for the race! Don’t forget that early bird rate ends on the 20th of June. See you soon for an unforgettable moment!

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