DecathlonxGetActive Race Training
Week 2

Need a push from someone to encourage you to start running? How about Decathlon Coach app!

We will be following you on a 6 week program that will enable you to run 7km at the DecathlonxGetActive Race. Get your shoes and running gear ready, it's going to be a great 6 weeks!

Congratulations on completing Week 1, and pushing yourself through to Week 2!

Just to recap a few important tips before we begin this week.

#1: Warm Up

Before each session, remember to do a warm up to get your body ready.

Check out our article where we talk about the importance of doing a warm up before a session.

#2: Breathing

When you do an interval training, regardless of your speed, the key is to breathe comfortably at all times: you should be able to speak while running.

#3: Pace your sessions

Please spread out the sessions evenly with one at the weekend and the other two during the week.

#4: Heart Rate

If you have a heart rate sensor, you should stay at approx 70% of your maximum heart rate during the running phases, without ever exceeding 75%. You can check out our heart rate monitors to equip yourself for your training sessions.

#5: Hydration

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

After each session, remember to take on fluids to hydrate your body. Do not forget this, it’s for your own health and safety!
Let’s move on to take a look at what the sessions will encompass this week! :)

Each session will comprise of 3 parts:
1. Power Walking
2. Running without Stopping
3. Slow Walking

Objective of Week 2: 4km without stopping

Before each session, remember to warm up your muscles by stretching and completing a 10min power walk. This will allow your muscles to prepare for the session coming ahead.

After each session, remember to cool down by slow walking. Sitting down right after a run might lead to cramps! The slow walk will gradually allow your heart rate to decrease to a normal rate.

Also remember to hydrate and do light stretches after your session! Your dietary intake is as important as your running sessions, do not overlook eating the right amount of healthy food which will fuel your muscles to relax and get stronger.

And with that, we’re done with Week 2! See you next week!
Congratulations. I know you are feeling tired and sore, but it will get better! As you follow the plan, your stamina and performance are going to improve. Keep up the good work and see you next week. :)
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