10 New Year's Resolutions
For Running in 2019

New year, new resolutions...and no exception for running.
Whether you have the intention to start running in 2019 or just improve your running performance, we are sharing with you 10 resolutions to kick the running year off right.

It’s time to run longer, faster & happier!

Are you ready to start 2019 on a high note?

1. Run regularly

Let’s be realistic, if you want to be able to run faster and longer, you need to run on a regular basis.

The wisest is to stick to your plan: one time a week, two times a week, etc… Don’t be too ambitious. For example, don’t plan to run three times a week if you are used to running once a week. It will only result in discouraging you. It’s better to improve your running frequency progressively. If you are already running once a week and want to improve, you can plan to run two times a week starting now and three times a week in the third quarter...

Last but not least, if you are lacking some motivation to run frequently, keep in mind that the more often you’ll run, the more you’ll enjoy!

2. Change your running route

To develop your running endurance more effectively, it’s recommended to exit your comfort zone and discover new running routes. Dare to be adventurous, it’s time to hit new jogging paths. Feel welcome to join our running club, we will regularly publish routes we’ve experimented whether in the East, West, Northern and Southern part of Singapore!

3. Vary your running route

To improve your running intensity, don’t always run at the same speed! If you want to run faster, you need to run faster on some segments. Why not sprinting every 3 km for 100 meters? Or for 50 meters every 2km?

Be creative and challenge your legs and heart rate.

4. Join a running group

Even though running is an individual sport, you will be amazed of the progress you can do when practicing it with a group. Not to be discouraged, once again, it’s better to run with people from similar pace. Besides motivating each other, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself. For example, by trying to follow the fastest runners of your club!

Have you joined Decathlon running club yet? We’re on Facebook and Strava.

5. Follow inspiring runners

It’s always insightful to hear the tips from highly-experimented runners. So, don’t wait any longer to follow their footsteps on Instagram to be more familiar with their training plan, upcoming races and more !

Feel free to follow these popular hashtags among the Singaporean running community #justrunlah #runningsg #sgrunner #runnersg #stravasg #stravasg or worldwide #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #igrunners #girlswhorun etc...

6. Do cross-training

Strength, coordination, flexibility: when not running, it would be fruitful to focus on improving these physical abilities. It will result in a better posture, a better recovery and probably an increased intensity!

Why not allocate more time in 2019 to do more abs, planks and squats?

7. Sign up for some races

There’s nothing more motivating than signing-up for race to be proud of yourself and push yourself.

You are a beginner, why not signing up for 5k? You did several 10k races earlier, why not signing up for a half-marathon?

We promise than when you challenge yourself, you will rise to it and make the most of every workout!

Additionally, participating to a race is also a great way to find another you: when runners gather at the starting line, you will feel the excitement and be inspired to run harder with less perceived effort. You’ll also gain in self-confidence when crossing the finish line and receiving your medals.

In short, races are a safe way to run further, faster and try something you didn’t think you could do!

8. Set yourself goals & measure your progress

You want to beat up your own pace? Or run 10k for the first time? What about trying trail running?

Nothing is impossible if you set realistic goals with a proper training plan. You can download some running apps to track your progress: pace, distance and frequency. Most of the guys of the running team of Decathlon Singapore are on Strava, feel welcome to join our club.

9. Don’t forget to stretch!

When you train hard, you’re pushing your body. It’s important to give your muscles some stretch after your run. When your muscles are still warm, they are more supple & flexible, then ready to be stretched! Stretching after running prevents from getting injured. Stretching also helps reducing soreness and cramping. Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes for stretching after your run, your body will be thankful!
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10. Listen to yourself

Most importantly, it’s essential to listen to your body. If your legs feel tired, it might be wiser to take a rest instead of training. Training while your muscles sore is indeed counter-productive. Similarly, if you have a small injury, better to cure it and stop running for a while. If you don’t, there is a high risk that the small injury turns into more serious problems.

Reminder, listen to your body is critical to your running success!
To sum up, when it comes to resolutions, it is best to first focus on enjoying yourself while running!

Happy New Year!

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