5 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Besides just hitting the pool to cool off on a hot day in Sunny Singapore,
here are 5 more reasons you should start swimming!
Did you know that as of 2019, Singapore has over 2,000 licensed swimming pools? Sounds crazy right? In fact, swimming is actually one of the most practiced sport in Singapore - along with basketball and soccer.

Here are 5 main reasons why you should start swimming right away!

1. Build Endurance

Swimming is a great way to improve your endurance. Just like running, swimming helps to improve both your heart rate and your breathing while exercising.

It is also the best way to work on your oxygen consumption. Many studies indicate that swimming is one of the best sport to improve your cardiovascular system and muscles as it’s a full-body exercise! Building endurance will also help you to push your limits :)

2. Keep Healthy

As you know, doing sport helps you to get in good shape, lose weight and live healthier. Swimming is one of the best sports that utilises your full body capacity. A good swimmer needs to use both their arms and legs in order to perform well and to keep a good balance in the water.

Swimming is also the best way for you to enjoy a full-body workout , even if you’re just a beginner! Exercising in the water actually lowers your risk of injury which allows you to improve safely and enjoy your training :)
swimmers staying healthy

3.Cool Down During Hot Days

We’re always talking about how Singapore is too hot, and living in one of the hottest cities in the world - practicing sport can be challenging!

So what could be better than diving into a cool swimming to beat the heat? Whether it’s during your lunch break or at night, swimming is one of the best activity to enjoy the benefits of sport without risking an heat stroke or perspiring all day long.

Moreover, going for a swim is just as easy as going for a run. Singapore is full of public swimming pools that are open till late with a nice variety of indoor and outdoor pools to match your requirements. There’s no excuse - just take your swimsuit, cap, goggles and towel and you are ready to go! :)

4. Recover from Injuries

Swimming is a low-impact exercise and a common way to recover from injuries. The water helps to regulate your movement, reduces shock and ensures a full training.

After an injury, you should avoid putting pressure on the affected zone. Therefore, swimming is actually a great cardio workout without any weight-bearing exercises. As you are floating, being weightless helps you to train in safe conditions.

When you want to start exercising again, swimming is often the best place to start!
swimmers swimming to recover from injuries

5. Stretching Activity

Swimming involves almost all of your body: you use your back, shoulders and legs all at the same time! The different strokes such as crawl, breaststroke or butterfly clearly shows how complete this activity is:

You first have to push ahead your arms as far as possible, before pulling them to realize a full swimming movement. This way, your muscles are required to move towards many different directions. In addition to the movement of your legs, it gives you a complete stretching session.

Most importantly, you will not feel much pain afterwards, as stretching is part of the activity :)
Swimming is an easy way to stay in shape. It is a safe, complete training that can suit both beginners and experts!
So what are you waiting for? Get in the pool today! :)
decathlon swimming club

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