Armfloats, Floats, Vest or Belt: How to Choose?

Choosing the right equipment when discovering the water or learning to swim is essential. Make sure you choose floats that are adapted to your child’s level, weight and age!

To help your child feel comfortable and confident in the water, Nabaiji gives you his advice to choose the appropriate floats!



This is the most important step because this is when your child encounters a new environment. He becomes familiar with water and discovers new sensations.

                      LEARNING TO SWIM

Your child will start to move in the water alone. He will discover what makes him move forward and feel that the water is carrying him.

                    SWIMMING UNDERWATER

This is the most apprehended stage, especially by parents! At that time, your child will go underwater snorkeling. The goal is to teach him to plunge and move underwater without fear.

In this article we’ll focus on the first two stages.


When it comes to discovering water, your child can start very early (from 6 months old) Depending on his age and motor skills, the exercises and the equipment used will be different.

Whatever your child’s age, the objective of this stage is to introduce them to this new environment by allowing them to maintain a vertical position, head above water, as on land.

To strengthen their confidence, the presence of an adult, who can swim with them in the water, is essential.

The aim of this stage is to reassure not only the child but also the parents!

There are several options available to you:


It allows the baby to be comfortably seated and to discover the water in complete safety.

At this age, the child has difficulty maintaining himself. In order for him/her, to fully enjoy the pleasures of water, he/she must be well supported. At this stage, even partial contact with water will be enough to get accustomed to it.

Baby seats are perfect for discovering the water safely and  limiting the baby's movements.


Once your child gets more confident in the water he will have enough energy to maintain his shoulders and balance. Even if he is taking his first water steps, forget about baby seats. He will still need buoyancy to feel confident, but more contact with the water can be initiated.


The ring will allow him to discover the water while still having the upper body out of the water, which is good for initiation but has a limited interest for learning to swim.


To discover the water, and the first aquatic sensations, the swimming armbands allow the child to enter the water completely. It will easily maintain its vertical position and its head above the water and will offer great stability.

They ensure very good buoyancy for the child while providing the necessary stability. There are 2 models: the classic one and the one with the fabric inside for more softness.


Learning to swim is an important step for a child. The path to autonomy will allow him to discover, leg kick after leg kick, arm kick after arm kick, the good reflexes of swimming.

However, this step should not be started too early. Before the age of 6, coordination is not yet sufficiently developed and some combinations of movements are impossible to perform for a child. You could frustrate the young apprentice if you equip him with a product that will put him in a position he can't handle.

At this stage, the child discovers to float horizontality, and move forward better. Then he will be able to keep his face underwater. He must therefore learn to control aquatic breathing. Finally, the child will gradually learn to use his arms to move and his legs to balance. That’s why, at this stage, he needs equipment that will allow him great freedom of movement.

To help him, there are several solutions:


It looks like a life jacket, is really comfortable and easy to put on and offers a great freedom of movement. It will allow the child to alternate a vertical and horizontal position, while being well supported.

Your child is starting to control his movements but he would like to improve and swim more efficiently? To do this, he must perfectly master the horizontal position in the water. Lying down, the body floats are better on the water and will have less resistance to move forward.

To perfect this essential position, the swimming belt is the child's best equipment! For better learning, sessions with a belt should not exceed 30 consecutive minutes.

You can choose between:


Used with a small board it is perfect to get started.


In order to avoid you having to carry armbands, buoys, belts or swimming vests, Nabaiji has developed the Tiswim evolutionary belt cuff.

With three modular parts, it helps children in the different steps of the learning process, from the vertical position to the horizontal position. It can be used as a whole at first. When your child is more comfortable, you can let him/her move around with the armbands.And finally, when he moves to a horizontal position in the water, he can use only the belt.

Adapt the buoyancy according to the child's level!


Remember to always choose a float that is adapted to your child's weight! These indications can be found in the product information. Finally, never leave your child unsupervised in the water!

Check out our Floats below!

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