How to choose your swimming goggles?

Making the right decision when choosing your goggles is essential as it will have an impact on how comfortable you feel when swimming! Goggles help you see in the water but it also protects your eyes. Lasting anti-fog treatment, comfort and field of vision are all important advantages!

With Nabaiji find the goggles that fit you best!

When choosing your googles, try to take into account the following criteria:

1. Training frequency & level

In Nabaiji, we differentiate between three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Goggles for beginner swimmers have been designed for comfort and easy adjustment (with straps or notched nose bridges). If you want a wider field of vision, you can also opt for a swimming mask.

With medium stability, beginner goggles offer a panoramic field of vision so that you can see everything happening around you and feel at ease.


Swimming goggles for regular use are designed with a more flexible nose bridge and a narrower field of vision. They are as easy as the beginner goggles to adjust but offer greater stability when swimming. If you prefer masks to goggles, there are also swimming masks with the same characteristics!


Goggles for advanced swimmers are designed for a perfect hold on the face, a precise field of vision and great stability when swimming. They are hydrodynamic and ideal to help you reach your performance goals. There are two types of adjustment. Some goggles have removable nose bridges, so you can choose the one that suits your face best. However, "Swedish" type goggles must be set up yourself by adjusting the strap and the nose bridge so that the goggles are perfectly adapted to your face. These are meant for extreme comfort and ultra clear vision.

2. Goggles size

Our beginner and intermediate swimming goggles come in 2 sizes: Size S and L.
Size S is for children or adult with smaller size of face. Size L is for children or adult with bigger size of face.

There is only one size for our advanced swimming goggles. They include different adjustment systems to fit every face shape.

Here is a very simple test to help you choose the size of your goggles:

1. Place the goggles over your eyes and press, but don't put the strap around your head.

2. If the goggles “stick” to your face and remain in place, they are the right size and won’t let in any water. If not, they are too big or too small depending on the areas they lose contact with the skin and they also might feel a bit uncomfortable. Try another size!

3. Then adjust the goggles at the strap and nose bridge. Don't pull them too tight, in order to avoid injury but do ensure that water cannot get in under the lenses.

3. Lens color

Clear Lenses

In swimming pools with low brightness, clear lenses allow you to see perfectly while swimming.

Smoked Lenses

If you are swimming in a bright swimming pool, it is good to wear smoked lenses as it will soften the brightness and offer better viewing comfort.

Mirrored Lenses

If you swim outdoor or in a swimming pool brighter than average, wearing mirrored lenses is the best choice.

Now that you know everything, grab your goggles and dive in ;)

Check out our Swimming collection below!

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How to choose your swimming goggles?

How to choose your swimming goggles?

Making the right decision when choosing your goggles is essential as it will have an impact on how comfortable you feel when swimming! read more

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