How to help your kids swim for the first time

Help your kids to surpass their fear of water and make them enjoy the swimming benefits. Enjoying water is the key to have fun while swimming. The younger your kids get used to this environment, the more comfortable they will be in their swimming journey !
You probably have many questions regarding the best way to make them enjoy the water.

Here are some frequently asked questions :

1. What age?

There is no scientific answer to this question. Before swimming, there is a first concept to be comfortable with : enjoying water.

As explained earlier, there is no recommendation about the perfect time to go in the water. It’s not even rare to see, in many countries, generations of what we call the “baby swimmers” as water is well know for the relaxing benefits it offers.

The earlier your kids are comfortable with water, the more they will want to play and swim later on.

Concerning swimming (as a sport), some experts advise to start at 6-7 years old as they assume that kids are not really able to learn efficiently the sport before that age. In fact, swimming is like walking at the beginning, it is a completely different way of moving and the apprenticeship can take time.

2. How to do it?

Before “jumping in the pool”, an easy way to get used to the water is to exercise in a familiar place : the bathroom. In order to get your kids comfortable with water, you can start by making them enjoying having their body and especially their head in the water. As the main fear of the water is the fear of the unknown, having a step by step approach is somehow a good way to get started.

As for many other learning processes, the most important is to avoid as much as possible to put pressure on them as they would get discouraged.

3. How to ensure their safety?

There are plenty of accessories to protect your kids and ensure their safety.

Being well equipped is really important to help them enjoy their swim and gain confidence. It is also the best way for you, as parents, to support them without any pressure.

First of all, the main essential is the float. It can be a armfloat, a belt or a regular one. Getting a float will definitely help them to enjoy without being restricted in their movements. Make sure to try the right size as your kids are growing and needs to get an adapted equipment at all time.

Secondly, the goggles, seen as a good way to protect the eyes from the water, are also a perfect way to protect them from the UV. They are perfect anti-fear as children can see what is around them, and a must-have in order to progress.

Third, the nose clip : who likes water getting in the nose? No one ! For those who are not used to the water, it’s a nice and comfortable way to avoid this kind of displeasure.

Last but not least, the rashguards. As Singapore’s weather is know to be sunny with a High ultraviolet index, a good rashguard is recommended to protect and preserve their skin.
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Now that we are good with safety…

4. How to train them?

The answer is simple: let them have fun ! Play swimming and diving as if it was a game. This is the best way to motivate them and continue to exercise.
Throw objects that they’ll have to bring back, go at the other side of the swimming pool and ask them to come, swim with them … you see, there are plenty of way to make it funny!

Once your kids gets ready and shows motivation, you can join clubs in order to improve their skills and learn more about the sport.

5. Where to swim?

Singapore is a country full of swimming pools implanted all over the territory. Most of them being adapted to your kids and supervised by a lifeguard, you will be able to find a place nearby your home.
Sentosa offers as well a variety of places to swim in the sea or in a waterpark, making the pleasure of swimming even more accessible !

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