3 Ways To Have Free Yoga Lessons in Singapore

decathlon yoga sessions

Forget paying for yoga lessons, have them for free!
The prices of yoga lessons have increased dramatically and those who wish to learn yoga without burning their pockets are often left out.
Now, you can enjoy yoga sessions for free and keep yourself healthy! :)

#1: Decathlon Singapore Lab

yoga classes at decathlon singapore lab

Decathlon Singapore holds Yoga Classes on a weekly basis at Singapore Lab!

With certified instructors, you are getting a great yoga class at zero cost. All you need is a mat and yourself.

These sessions are great for everyone to channel their inner yogi/yogini for the day. Who knows, this sport might just be the one for you! :)

#2: Healthy 365 (Sunrise in The City)

yoga classes at sunrise in the city fitness program

Singapore’s best kept fitness program, Sunrise In The City.

This program offers free fitness sessions, ranging over various sports, for free! All you need to do is download the Healthy365 app and get started. Keeping fit and healthy is now easier and cost-free for all.

Be in the midst of like-minded people to have a great yoga session in the mornings. It is perfect for those who wish to start their days early and on a good note. :)

#3: Anywhere and Everywhere!

Hmm, anywhere and everywhere? How? YouTube!

That’s the answer to everything nowadays. There are plenty of YouTube channels that are run by certified yogis/yoginis. Be it in the comfort of your home, Marina Barrage or East Coast Park, bring yoga with you anywhere you go.

Some recommended Yoga YouTube channels include 1) Yoga by Adriene & 2) Alo Yoga.

Grab your laptop and get to yoga!

yogis at a yoga class

Share you favourite Yoga poses on our Decathlon Yogi Facebook page or Decathlon Yogi Instagram page! We would love to hear from you! Till then, Namaste! :)


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