A new season, a fresh perspective

This Fall, we update our 2019 Yoga Collection with down-to-earth beige hues and mint greens palette.
We focus on what's important in your practice with Eco-friendly, travel-friendly options
Discover our new arrivals!

Eco-Friendly 4mm Rubber/Jute Mat

A beautiful addition to your home
Sweeping on our shores of Singapore is our newest eco-friendly mat, made out of natural rubber as well as jute (a form of natural vegetable fibre).

These fibres are soft yet adds an element of grip to the mat when weaved together with natural rubber.

The beautiful natural colour of the mat makes it a great addition to your home. Stay grounded with nature as you practice on this mat!

With the addition of this mat, our total count of yoga products designed with the environment in mind goes up to 34%, the highest we've had in the history of Decathlon. We strive to protect the world we live together in as we journey with you.
Natural/Jute Rubber Yoga Mat 4 mm - Beige Natural/Jute Rubber Yoga Mat 4 mm - Beige 2

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Yoga Mats

Natural/Jute Rubber Yoga Mat 4 mm - Beige

S$ 60.00
Designed for Designed for dynamic yoga at home.Looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat that's also grippy? Our mat is perfect for every pose. The sand colour and natural material will help you let it all go.
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3mm Dynamic Yoga Mat

Transportable and Grippy : all you can ever ask for!
Thanks to the Yoga Community's valuable feedback, our designers have altered our much loved, original Dynamic Yoga Mat! This new, thinner 3mm was made so that you can carry your mat to your community classes, without compromising on the awesome grip!

Alignment markings throughout the mat would help in your pose alignment.

Made with 100% foamed rubber on the top, the mat absorbs sweat so that your mat remains grippy!

Embrace your sweat marks* as you practice on the mat! Thermoplastic elastomers on the bottom keeps your mat grounded on the floor.

*Be rest assured they will disappear when your mat dries up.
Studio Dynamic Yoga Mat 3mm - Green Studio Dynamic Yoga Mat 3mm - Green 2
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Our Yoga Essentials

Studio Dynamic Yoga Mat 3mm - Green

S$ 50.00
Designed for Do you practise Ashtanga, vinyasa or another dynamic style of yoga? This very grippy mat was made for you.Have trouble slipping on your mat? Practise with greater ease with our grippiest mat. Its technical design and lines to aid alignment will help you with every pose through to Savasana.
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Green Tea Yoga Mat Spray

Perfect to refresh your mat!
Yogis have asked us if we carry mat sprays - finally we do!

To refresh your mat, simply spray our green tea scented spray onto the mat. Wipe it down with a dry towel, or simply wait for the mat spray to evaporate. Our spray formula contains a little alcohol: it will help to keep the bacteria and bad scents away!

A popular practice done by some of us or instructors is to spray this around the room during Savasana (Corpse Pose), to freshen the place up for a more restful pose.

Essential Oil Yoga Mat Spray

S$ 6.50
Designed for This essential oil spray was designed to keep your mat clean and fresh, and avoid unpleasant odours.Say goodbye to smelly mats! This subtle herbal, floral and fruity fragrance will help ground you in nature before and after you step on your mat.
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Yoga Pad

A special shout-out to our innovation product of 2019:

The pad that protects your wrists and knees!
Our lightweight yoga pad is made out of PU Foam, designed to protect your joints during poses where your entire body weight is going through one or two points and making them uncomfortable.

Gently slip the pad under your knees or wrists between yoga transitions. It is made to be a perfect alternative to placing your towel or block under your joints, giving you the best form of protection and convenience during your practice.

Be rest assured that there is sufficient padding : you won't even feel any pain or pressure on your knees in your low lunge (Anjaneyasana)!
Watch in action the usage of our Yoga Pad:
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Designed for

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