Decathlon proactively builds initiatives
to be more sustainable and work toward a greener future.

At Decathlon, we believe that preserving the planet and its population protects our purpose: to make sports accessible to the many. We don’t just innovate to create the best gear for you; we innovate to pursue sustainable practices for our users, workers and environment. We pursue quality along with affordability because a long-lasting product is the first step toward sustainability.



Eco-design integrates the environmental impact of a product from the initial design concept, taking into consideration the whole lifecycle of the product.

Integrating environmental impact means producing goods with minimized environmental impact starting from the design process.

A product that is designed (or redesigned) with this approach fulfills the same qualities of use while providing benefits to the environment.

Raw Materials

Extraction and processing


Manufacturing techniques


From where is it made to where it is sold


Place and method of sale


How it is used, cleaned, and maintained

End of life

Repair, recycling, destruction


Solar-Powered Store

Decathlon Singapore Lab is a 5,000sqm store with a roof entirely covered by solar panels! 100% of the store is ran by energy from renewable resources only.

Click & Collect

With our 2 hour Click & Collect Concept, we are able to deliver 50 parcels in one truck instead of making multiple trips with multiple transport vehicles.

By doing so, we effectively reduce our carbon footprint whilst ensuring maximum delivery efficiency. Our parcels are also delivered in reusable bags to avoid plastic waste!

Eco-Friendly Blue Bags

By July 2020, all our blue bags in stores will be made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles (or PET bottles). This will reduce 35% of our CO2 emissions as compared to our previous reusable blue bags.

  • After heating, the plastic material is extruded into recycled polyester yarn and weaved into fabric.
  • The fabric is dyed our signature blue, and undergoes finishing and inspection.
  • It is then sewed to form bags ready for your use!
  • Bottle waste from PET bottles are shredded into flakes and melted at a high temperature.
Recyclable Hangers

Recyclable Hangers

We use 10,000 hangers alone on the daily.

In 2020, we are ensuring that 100% of these hangers are either recycled across all stores, or reused by shipping excess back to our warehouses.

"I cycle to work everyday for pockets of exercise and to reduce my carbon footprint."
Nicolas, Sport Leader (Cycling)
"I never dabao any food, and bring my own containers to work everyday."
Andrew, Sport LeaderCoach
"I bring my own bottle wherever I go, and have stopped using plastics when I order drinks outside."
Aida, Omni-Channel Sport Advisor
"I make sure to bring my own bag out whenever I go grocery shopping to reduce plastic usage."
Kimberley Kng, Sport Leader (Soft Sports)


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