Wed'ze Serenity 300 Evo Women's Snowboard + Expedite Bindings Pack

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    Intermediate level snowboarders seeking an easy board that will help them improve.
    The Serenity 300 Evo women's snowboard and bindings pack is a cheap starter snowboard that makes learning easy and allows you to progress (green to black slopes + off-piste).
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    • 146cm
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    ForgivenessRounded shape and supple flex to minimise edge mistakes and falls.
    TractionStandard camber+ wooden core + supple torsion = grip and easy sliding
    Buoyancy10 mm setback inserts for grip when cornering and float on powder.
    Ease of handlingEasy turns due to shorter support length (effective edging)
    RigiditySupple flex, standard camber => smooth, progressive edge transition.
    Versatility60% On-piste 30% Off-piste 10% Park
    Warranty2 Years
    Technical Information

    Programme / Terrain
    The Serenity 300 Evo is perfect on-piste in all snow conditions. What's more, its features designed to help you learn to snowboard (supple flex and torsion, standard camber but not very pronounced, gentle directional shape) give it good floatability on powder and even let you try your hand at basic freestyle.Its wooden core really lets you push it on hard snow and gives the board good longevity.
    DIRECTIONAL Snowboard
    Directional snowboard shape: the board has directional sidecuts (there's a front and a rear) as the back of the board is slightly narrower than the front, and the points of contact between board and snow are slightly towards the rear (setback).A directional shape offers better grip when cornering, better management of the course and better recovery when exiting a turn.
    Standard Camber
    A standard camber is curved upwards between the 2 points of contact between board and snow.A standard camber offers: _ Grip on all types of snow, _ Dynamic transition from edge to edge and during the various jump phases, thanks to the board's elasticity _ Powerful hold. _ Fast exits from turns
    Supple, Tolerant Flex
    The flex (stiffness of the board between front and rear) of the Bullwhip 300 Evo is about 2/5, i.e. supple and forgiving. This type of flex is very homogeneous from the front tip (nose) to the rear tip (tail), which provides very predictable cornering with no surprises. Of course, the drawback is that at high speed or on very icy snow, the board won't hold a nice, well-cut turn: it will skid, which automatically slows you down.
    Supple and Tolerant Torsion
    The torsion (torsional stiffness of the board between the feet) is about 2/5, which makes the Serenity 300 Evo so easy to handle, easy to pivot and forgiving of edging mistakes. Supple torsion provides a degree of free movement between the feet (the front foot can be angled heel/toe, and the rear toe/heel). This is essential at beginner level, and is also very useful in freestyle/jib.
    10 mm setback
    The Setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance._ A 10 mm setback => the standard offset for directional boards. That offers better grip when cornering, as well as better buoyancy during Freeride as you're positioned further back, which naturally raises the front.
    Technical information
    Front width 277mm / Centre 241mm / Rear 277mm (Size 146cm) Radius 8.0 m Effective edge 1050 mm Number of inserts: 8 + 8 (3 possible positions per binding/40 mm between each) Max stance: 580 mm Min stance: 420 mm Recommended stance: 500 mm
    Extruded Base/Glide Performance
    Base: Extruded, highly durable. Requires regular maintenance: ideally, wax every 3 outings, but at least once per winter, especially at the end of the season to protect the base and let the wax penetrate deep inside through the summer.
    Sold as a pack with Expedite 2 bindings
    The Expedite 2 is an evolution of the Expedite 1, offering a faster binding closing action thanks to its unique buckle and oversize tightening action: Buckle/lock. Couldn't be easier.Tightening memory // Strap comes up higher for better support // Rear perforated spoiler for lightness, suppleness and unequalled comfort in back turns // Adjustable gas pedal without having to undo the binding or use a tool // 2 EVA pads for cushioning.
    What's the right size Serenity 300 Evo for me?
    In general, for all-terrain use, go for -15 to -20 cm. _ Choosing smaller makes things easier. This is also advised for people who are light for their height. _ Choosing bigger offers greater stability at high speed. This is also advised for people who are heavy for their height.142 CM (30 - 60 kg) => from 1m55 to 1m65 146 CM (40 - 70 kg) => from 1m61 to 1m70
    Shape:Directional Setback 10mm

    Terrain:60% On-piste /

    30% Off-piste/ 10% Park.
    Information / Concept / Technology
    Polyethylene base, fibreglass reinforced wood structure.

    Stockage tips
    Wipe the edges at the end of the day so they don't rust.

    Maintenance tips
    For good glide performance, wax your board regularly, every two or three trips is ideal. At the end of the season, leave a coat of unscraped wax to protect the base when not in use. This also nourishes the board throughout the summer as the wax penetrates deeper into the polyethylene structure. Do not shake off snow by banging your board tip or tail on the ground as this can damage its structure

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