FRD120 freediving snorkel mask kit for adults blue turquoise

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S$ 15.00 S$ 17.00 -S$ 2.00
Our team created this kit for adults who are just starting freediving apnoea. It allows them to observe underwater life during short freedives.
Opt for this freediving apnoea kit including mask and snorkel. It assures comfortable breathing and is held firmly on the face. The added plus +: Includes a net carry bag to dry off your equipment.
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Anatomic design

Comfortable & waterproof thanks to the silicone skirt. Comes in 2 adults sizes.

Water drainage

Any water in the snorkel is easily expelled through the valve.

Easy dressing

The expandable strap protects your hair. The snorkel hook is part of the mask.

Mouth comfort

Silicone mouthpiece provides maximum comfort.

Easy breathing

The snorkel's volume is adapted to the adult user's morphology.


Tempered glass single lens for better scratch resistance.

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