Adult Short-Sleeved Base Layer Keepdry 500 - Grey

    Adult Short-Sleeved Base Layer Keepdry 500 - Grey

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    Our football design team came up with the Keepdry 500 for footballers who are developing their skills and who have specific technical needs.
    The Keepdry 500 is designed for players who manage their effort and the intensity over a long period of time, with a first layer that wicks away perspiration to regulate your body temperature.
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    The fabric wicks perspiration, keeps the skin dry and the body warm.


    Perspiration wicking and quick drying fabric keep the body warm.

    Reduced chafing

    The seamless knit reduces the number of seams, which are a source of chafing.

    Freedom of movement

    Very stretchy fabric that feels like a second skin.


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