6mm 100 STEP TEE x10
    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10
    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10
    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10
    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10
    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10

    6mm 100 STEP TEE x10

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    S$ 2.00
    We have designed this tee for the beginner golfer who wants to raise their ball to a fixed height.
    This 6 mm step tee is recommended for good tee shots with woods, hybrids and irons. It can also be used with woods.
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    Thanks to its stepped design, your ball will always be at the same height.


    The Step Tee's shape and material make it resistant to repeated hitting.

    Ergonomic grip

    The head'shape allows good grip on the ball and tee when they’re in your hand


    The shape of the head stabilises the ball.

    Ease of use

    The profiled tip facilitates the sinking of the tee into hard soil.


    We have chosen bright colours so that the tee is easily visible.

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