TA 500 Comfort and Sensation Multifilament Tennis String 1.24 mm - Brown

    TA 500 Comfort and Sensation Multifilament Tennis String 1.24 mm - Brown

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    The TA 500 top of the range multifilament 1.24mm tennis strings provide maximum power and ball control thanks to their high-tech Peek material
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    Its polyurethane polyamide composition and Peek fabric provide optimal yield

    Directional control

    its small gauge of 1.24 mm provides a good feeling of control.


    Good spin thanks to the 1.24 mm gauge and elasticity.

    Abrasion resistance

    good durability with Peek's 8 strands, perfect for players who rarely break.

    Sport Practices
    • Multifilament stringing
    • Set 12m
    • Casual string breaker: more than 20 H of play
    2 Years
    Technical Information
      • Moderate tension (18 kg to 23 kg) offers more comfort, spin and power. The flip side is that you'll have less control and accuracy. High tension (>23 kg) provides greater control and accuracy. It can, however, lead to tendinitis. You will also have less spin and power.
      • For monofilament strings, Decathlon recommends a tension of between 19 kg and 22 kg. We strongly recommend against using monofilament strings for children under 15 to avoid injury. These strings are best for players who break strings in under 10 hours of play, because they quickly lose their tension (20% loss starting at 3 hours of play)
      • For multifilament strings, Decathlon recommends a maximum tension of 25 kg! These strings are recommended for people who are prone to tendinitis, young players, and people who don't break their strings often. Multifilament strings keep their tension very well and stay dynamic for long periods of time.
      • Your racket's performance depends 50% on your frame and 50% on your strings! Be sure to take the time to choose the right strings. For players who break their strings a lot: change them as soon as they break. For people who rarely or never break strings, Decathlon recommends changing them as many times per year as you play per week. For example: if you play once per week, change your strings once per year. If you play three times per week, change your strings three times per year.
      • Avoid over-tightening your strings; this will affect yield. Looser strings will make your game more relaxed; if you aren't forcing things, you will have more power. Over time strings can become worn without breaking. They lose their elasticity and initial properties. The gauge (or diameter) also affects play. The smaller the gauge, the more power and spin you'll get. A larger gauge will give you more durable strings with a heavier impact on your body
    Storage advice
    avoid changes of temperature and humidity on the strings. Do not leave your racket in your car boot: the temperature can rise and fall dramatically!
    Tested by
    We test our product advantages in the laboratory: The string durability test is conducted in the laboratory by the Cannon Ball machine, which verifies the longevity of each string. The string power test is conducted in our laboratories by the "notched bar impact test" and verifies the product's energy return and its ability to transfer speed to the ball.
    Racket String : 67.3% Polyamide 6 (PA6), Racket String : 23.6% Polyurethane (PU), Racket String : 9.1% Polyether Block Amide (PEBA)

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