Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey
    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey

    Kids' Ski Trousers 100 - Grey

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    S$ 25.00
    Designed for Our team, parents of little skiers, have developed these children's trousers for downhill skiing. Ideal for keeping warm and dry on their first descents.
    These ski trousers are waterproof, warm and have adjustable and removable straps. They are ideal for learning how to ski in the best conditions.
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    100 g/sqm wadding. Warm, soft brushed-knit lining.


    Good: 5000 mm rated coating. Seat seams taped.Gaiters at the bottom of the legs.


    Elasticated waist. Adjustable and removable straps.


    Provided by the lower leg areas and at the waist. Non-breathable component.


    Label in the lining to write your child's name.

    Sport Practices
    2 Years
    Technical Information
      • The thermal insulation will keep your young skiers at the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. The garment adapts to the body's physical activity and to the outside environment. Wedze uses wadding for insulation to keep the body warm. This synthetic polyester-based component stores more or less air, depending on the size of the fibres. So the thicker the wadding, the more air it contains and the warmer it is.
      • The coating is a waterproof material that is spread over the inside of the trousers' outer fabric. It prevents water from seeping into the garment but allows the water vapour produced by an active body to escape. This keeps children dry and is more comfortable.
      • In addition to the waterproof fabric, we have increased the waterproofing of these trousers by taping the seams. These are waterproof adhesive strips taped to the inside seams of the garment to make it perfectly watertight. These taped seams are in the areas most exposed to snow. In the case of these trousers, this is the seat area.
      • A label at the top of the lining for writing the child's name in order to personalise the product. Handy when you want to find your trousers after ski school, at the crèche or at school.
      • To keep your legs warm and dry, 2 layers of clothing are enough: 1 ski base layer to wick away perspiration and 1 pair of ski trousers to protect you from the weather conditions and provide insulation.
    Environmental note
    Storage advice
    Store on a hanger and do not fold, as this can damage the coating of the fabric. Dry thoroughly before storing in a dry and well-ventilated place.
    Tested by
    All the Wedze products are tested under the real-life conditions for which they are designed: the snow, the cold and all the conditions you're likely to encounter when skiing. The design teams, product managers, engineers and pattern designers check that the programme, for which the product is designed and developed, perfectly matches its use in the field.
    Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)

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