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Symbios-900 420 Power Surfcasting Fishing Rod

Symbios-900 420 Power Surfcasting Fishing Rod

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Our design team developed this rod for surfcasting in rough water.
The casting weight of this 4.20m rod lets you cast long distances. What's more, it has a visible and sensitive reflective tip for better bite detection.
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The fast action of the rod helps you see bites clearly


The reflective the tip of the rod lets you see bites during the day and at night

Corrosion resistance

Rod equipped with corrosion-resistant Fuji K Fazlite guides


The rod's action and 40T carbon let you reach long distances

Sport Practices
2 Years
Technical Information
    • - Size: 4.20 m - Sections: 3 - Transport length: 1.47 m - Weight: 495 g - Guides: 8 Fuji K Fazlite guides - Casting weight: 100-250 g - Optimal sinker weight for casting: 160 g - POWER fast action - Reel seal: Fuji screw-in tubular - Ergonomic butt handle - Comes with its own bag
    • The SYMBIOS-900 420 POWER rod features Power Sensitiv Tip technology. This is an even more powerful variant of Sensitive Tip technology. We developed this Power tip by reinforcing the tip with a carbon-fibre mix, making it more powerful, so that you can cast further and reel in big fish more easily. We have also added a grooved silver coating to help you see the tip, day and night.
    • We developed the Reflective Tip technology on SYMBIOS-900 420 POWER rods. This technology gives the rod maximum visibility thanks to the silver coating, to make it shine when lit up. This allows it to be seen at any time at night by shining a light on it from your headlamp or your torch. With the Reflective Tip, to see your tip, shine a light on it!
    • We have added Alignment Marks technology to the SYMBIOS-900 420 POWER rod. Align the different sections using the marks on the ferrules to improve speed and maximise the performance of the rod.
    • The SYMBIOS-900 420 POWER rod features Handle Grip technology. This non-slip coating lets you firmly assemble the different sections of the rod, and separate them easily.
Structure : 100.0% Carbon fiber (CF)

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