Join our purpose to make sports accessible to the many!

Our Happy Teammates!

Quzairi Azman

Sports Leader

“The reason why I love working in Decathlon is because it gives me the opportunity to share and practice my passion sport!”

Tanya Cashin

Offer and Supply
Sport Leader

“I love the fact that no day is ever the same and I'm consistently challenged. I'm always learning as I get to work with a global network, with the SEA retail team, the global production team and the brand in France, it's a truly unique experience! ”

Muhammad Naiim

Sports Advisor

“Being able to share our passion sport to our users makes work fun and exciting. Sharing our personal experiences to our users and advising them on the perfect product for them, gives me a sense of fulfillment!”

Peter Tecson

Operations Manager

“Decathlon is an amazing company with never-ending opportunities, a culture where we take risks & make decisions everyday! I am also able to balance my passion for sports and passion to serve my customers! ”

Shafiee Sutandar

Co-store Leader

“The flexible culture and team mates at work, makes me feel like I'm at home.”

Poh Lu Tang

Sports Leader

“I have found my purpose in Decathlon. Everyday, I'm living an unique experience to make sports accessible to the many. I love this challenge because it takes passion and guts to achieve it.”

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