You don’t need two to play tennis, or a pitch to play football. Sport isn’t just about the rules –
it’s also about having fun while keeping healthy. So don’t worry if you don’t have the right pitch, the expert players, or the best technique.

When you try a new sport, remember
the first rule is play.


Sometimes, starting young has its advantages. However, we believe that age shouldn’t limit your opportunities to play.

It could start simple, like organizing a series of table tennis games at home, where young and old can participate.

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Who said you need to play football in a field when you can play in your block?

At Decathlon, we believe that play can occur anywhere – as long as you enjoy it.

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When it comes to playing sports we believe the more, the merrier!

Play badminton with any amount of friends for maximum fun.

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Forget about the 2-pointers or 3-pointers. In your court, you call the shots, and the score.

Cause all that matters is having fun.
And that’s the point.

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The best instructor doesn’t need to be older or have a certain look to them - sometimes they come in different shapes and even in the tiniest of sizes.

You don’t have to keep pace all the time.
Listen to your own rhythm and go with the flow.

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Thinking of picking up a new sport but afraid that you might play it the “wrong” way?
Fret not, here are some useful tips to get you started playing, our way.
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